"There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
Hello, Lust.
I just want a crappy boyfriend that likes the same shit I do. Like serial killers and MTX, and Green Day, and Streetlight, and Brand New, and TBS, and being awkward, and not liking the outdoors, and BMX, and taking random pictures, and classic literature, and coffee, and cigarettes, and old-fashioned cocktails, and micro-brews, and gin, and money, and lingerie. Someone who will talk shit about all of our friends with me over late night coffee seshes at the diner, then go home and fuck the shit out of me. Someone who doesn’t mind dealing with my mood swings and who will go to shows with me and actually dance with me. Someone who isn’t so overprotective of their girl that they forbid her from going into the pit. Someone who will fight with me, but only playfully. Someone educated, who I can have long talks with about literature and music and fashion (they just have to nod their head and agree with everything I say about fashion). I want someone who will look up random illnesses and sex fetishes on Wikipedia, and forward me the links so we can talk about it and laugh about how weird shit is. Why aren’t there any boys out there like this???
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    man oh man i certainly don’t see how you don’t have a boyfriend i mean i always go after chicks that type out huge ass...
  2. themilesinmymind answered: there are…. you jsut aren’t necessarily looking in the right places. this basically describes me and my girlfriend
  3. hijinksandshenanigans answered: Are you mad? You are the exact description for what a guy looks for lawl
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